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Time to change tunes- stock market correction becoming possible quickly. The Swiss bail out of the Euro. Metals rise. Update Ja

See that "plunge" at the end of the right side? That is not the chart stopping. That is the 30 minute plunge of the Euro against the Swiss Franc!



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May you live in interesting times?


The Swiss National Bank drops a bombshell! What to do. Update January 16, 2015

gold bars



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In what is being labeled the Swiss Surprise, the Swiss National Bank (SNB) rocked the financial world on Thursday when it announced it would do away with the peg of its currency the Swiss Franc to the Euro.


Money Update today! New shows and two more reports just published! January 14, 2015.




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Are we having fun yet?

Hey fans, a few things to cover:
The markets are flat but pressing 18,000 on the Dow  once again. Could we be looking at a double top around 18,100 and change when everything is said and done?



Read this NEW MONEY MATTERS UPDATE! January 7, 2015



Below is my opinion of everything money so read on dear reader!


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A new year is upon us and being a money show let’s talk money shall we?

What can we expect in 2015?

Well if 2014 is any indication probably more of the same.

The Feds will continue their folly and try and print over debt problems either with more QE or ultra-low interest rates designed to enslave us all into borrowing more to spend more to save the precious economy. I say “their” economy as the more we borrow the more in debt we go to them, and “they” is the banking cartel these monetary policies support.

Most Americans will continue to believe Feds in 2015 as the last and final blow up from these policies won’t make themselves known in 2015.


Money Matters airs today at noon January 1, 2015.

Happy New Year to all!  Money Matters airs today if you would like to spend a few minutes with me talking money!  

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