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'Japan's QE, taxing soda and other insanities"



Money Matters update November 17, 2014 PLEASE READ.


Marc’s Notes:

Turkey Matters is coming to a close. Thanks to all who supported this matching program for Turkeys.  It looks like about $2,000.00 or so will go to our local food banks. We can eat our dinners knowing we helped feed literally over a thousand people with all the turkeys we bought!


New Update. READ! October 30, 2014


Marc’s Notes:
I am so pleased so many of you have signed up for our Super Dividend Payers List New Edition. This new list gives some of the biggest and best companies for you to earn payments on, some monthly, some quarterly and some annually. Right now because of the markets fall, some of these are at the best prices available in a long time. This means you get HIGHER payments and won’t that be a change from your go-nowhere mutual funds somebody sold you!  Read the “blurp” below on the dividend list and if you haven’t considered getting it, do so now! These low prices on stocks won’t last forever because the rally appears to have some legs and the longer you wait the higher prices will probably go!

As for the markets, our call this rout “would end soon” on last Thursdays show was spot on as was our call the Feds would speak out to stop its fall. The market turned and ran right after show! (they must be listening!).

But we still have to be diligent so make sure you READ this newsletter each and every time it comes out!

Meanwhile the Feds just confirmed they will stop their QE.

They will go back to QE 4 if the markets or economies fall again. (my ongoing prediction).

Like we said many times, they WONT be able to finish their taper (which now say they will do and will END QE) but they will reignite QE when the next market fall happens. Just look at Europe. They are ramping UP their QE as will the Fed once the contraction overseas bleeds over here. For now we stay with stocks but the green light has a slight orange tint to it as of this week. I will watch it for you.

Moved to the SELL list is McDonalds. This market leader is becoming a market laggard as its continuing foray into the fast food market is causing nutritional concerns and people are seeking other food establishments in its place. I doubt McDonalds will go the way of the DODO as there are just too many of them and foreigners love them, but for now its profits are falling and its time we stay clear. I am SELLING McDonalds.

Coca Cola is also suffering due to the same concerns (nutrition) but Coke has many other brands like OJ and sports drinks. Still its business is slacking so I am also removing it from the Dividend Payers List. I view it as not so weak as McDonalds however.

If you own it, you may keep it if you like but I am SELLING both KO and MCD.

Gamblers: many popular names have been hammered like social media stocks, solar stocks, 3D stocks, energy stocks and others. As all stocks move in concert with the markets (most of them anyhow and all of them in severe crashes) and if you pick the right stocks you can get some good buys right now. The BEST of these are the first 6 or so on my Super Dividend Payers List so read the blurp below. There are some GREAT buys on stocks right now. I mentioned Netflix when it dropped 115 points a few weeks back and now it rebounded up 40 or so points. Don’t buy it here however, the pop happened as in past tense but recent earnings posting by many companies are causing massive drops in many popular names. Don’t just buy on a drop however, stocks can always go lower still. Just keep reading this newsletter and you will find nuggets here and there in it. As for now, if you haven’t acted on the Super Dividend Payers List do so now here:


Money Matters update October 21, 2014


Marc’s Notes:
We are getting a nice response from our new SUPER DIVIDEND PAYERS LIST so congratulations to those picking up the list.

With the recent market fall, the prices of these dividend payers have most likely dropped and when prices drop on dividend paying stocks, the yield YOU get (money paid to you) goes UP!

And how nice is that. I believe these stocks are great long term holds for my family and most likely should never be sold. I just collect the checks and you should consider doing so too! What better way to wait for a stock to go up then to get PAID to wait!

I have included the original outline of the dividend list below with link so read it and get crackin’ on getting checks in your mail box!  (read below).