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QE3 to infinity! Special analysis and report on the FEDS stunning announcement to destroy the US dollar! Update Special 9 14 20

Special Report! QE 3 announced!

They say insanity is trying the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result. Your Federal Reserve chief Ben Bernanke is on board the asylum train but he has a new twist on it.


Ben Bernanke Speaks Today. Everbank CD funds today. New Money Class ONE on September 28th. Money Update September 12th, 2012

Few Notes This Morning:

Money Class ONE has been scheduled for September 28th, 11:00 am at Lenas Pizza and Grill off Highway 20.

Those who mailed in checks just show up. Others paid through KVMR just show up as well. This is class ONE. Email us for information or new registration.

(Class 2 schedule for this day has been reset to another day.

Ben Bernanke speaks today and we wait to see if he announces QE3 or similar program.

Everbanks Market Safe CD funds today so if you didn’t get your money in you are too late.


Money Matters Returns Today "The Fiscal Cliff" . Everbank CD Closes Funding in a few days! update 9/6/2012

Quick Notes:
Money Matters returns to the air today at noon , PST on KVMR. 89.5 FM or 105.1 FM in Tahoe or worldwide on the Web at

"The Fiscal Cliff" and markets while Marc was away is covered.

Also Everbank closes funding for the Market Safe CD in a few days so you must get application in and funded now. I am completing my application today.

Here is a info to the CD.


Pitney Bowes Article by the Fool, Everbank CD No Risk CD and Money Class coming. Update 8 28 2012

Marc’ Notes:

Here is an interesting article at the end of the update from the Motley Fool on a dividend payer I put out on Twitter I was adding as a bottom fishing expedition. I also added MCP, SLW, EDU and VXX per my email out a few days ago. These have all been beaten up pretty bad so I added them in the last few weeks and they have moved up nicely.


Everbank offers a NO RISK CD. This is it. See below. Also Money Class is open. Update 8/21/2012

Marc’s Notes:
Just a few quick things. I am still out on leave/vacation so as long as nothing new and exciting is in the markets I can relax and you can too.

First off EVERBANK has finally come out with their NO RISK MARKET SAFE EMERGING MARKETS CD based on 4 currencies with you getting all the upside!

THIS IS IT! The CD for NO RISK people!

I said I would alert you when one I liked was out and it IS!