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Money Matters airs tomorrow at 12 noon and more Turkey Matter. Update October 03rd, 2012

Money Matters airs tomoroow at 12 noon, Pacific Standard Time.  Also available on

Turkey Matters -Buy turkeys for the poor. Make checks out to either the Nevada County Food Bank or Interfaith Ministry.  I will match every dollar that you send in with my own funds. Mail checks to PMB 101, 578 Sutton Way, Grass Valley, CA 95945.

Talk to you all on the air tomorrow.

Marc Cuniberti


Money Class ONE tomorrow! Turkey Matters Starts Monday. Show on Thursday. Money Matters Update September 27, 2012.

Marc’s Notes:

A few words on our upcoming Money Class tomorrow Friday, September 28th , 11:00 AM at Alta Sierra Pizza (Old Larry’s and Lena’s Pizza) at Alta Sierra Drive off highway 49. This is class ONE for those who never took a money class from me or those wishing to take it again.


Money Matters Update September 22, 2012

Marc's Notes:

2 weeks into QE 3 or so and where do we find ourselves?
The market is higher and so are commodities and gold. Nothing new here. QE of course is a fancy term for printing money and this is the 3rd round. Many more “QE” is happening under the table and the amounts are beyond comprehension.

We are moving into the twilight zone of confetti money and we have seen this type of thing before, just not on such a grand scale.


Money Matters airs today. "QE3" , Money Class 1 taking place this month! Update 9 20 2012

Money Matters airs today at noon on KVMR 89.5 and 105.1 FM. "QE3" will be explained with commentary. Market news will also be covered.

Still looking for a Keynesian Economist to debate on air. If you know of someone, please contact me.

Money Class ONE is September 28th at 11:00 am at Alta Sierra Pizza (Larry and Lena's) right off highway 49 at the entrance of Alta Sierra area.

Email us to register and/or just show up and bring your check. Cost is $199.00. See Jane Do Members can also attend.

An article for your enjoyment:


QE3 to infinity! Special analysis and report on the FEDS stunning announcement to destroy the US dollar! Update Special 9 14 20

Special Report! QE 3 announced!

They say insanity is trying the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result. Your Federal Reserve chief Ben Bernanke is on board the asylum train but he has a new twist on it.