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Gamblers Only

I am adding the following today and in the next few weeks as bottom fishing:

VXX- Volatility ETN. Rises with volatility. Is almost at all time low and historically rises from here. Purchased at 11.30 this morning.

SLW- Beat up Silver stock on bad earnings. Buying soon in the low 30's or high 20's.

EDU- Oriental Education- Beat down from investigation on possible inproprieties. Look to buy 11, 12, 13's somewhere.

MCP- Rare Earth Stock battered over the 2 years and down 80 %. Looking to add in the 11, 12, 13 range.


Money Matters Update - August 6, 2012

Marc’s Notes:

Well here we sit a week or so later from our last update and nothing much has changed. Bernanke is holding fast on QE 3 although QE2 never really stopped. It’s just hidden.

The EURO members are still squabbling and the EURO central banks and the IMF are trying to persuade all the Euro countries (like Germany mainly) to agree to altering Euro rules and start money printing.

This of course is the last resort of a failed economic policy.


Markets Smell Bernanke Coming! Update July 27th, 2012


Markets Smell Bernanke Coming! Market update July 27, 2012

Marc's Notes:


Waiting for Godot. Money Matters airs this Thursday. Market update July 17, 2012

Marc's Notes:

Money Matters Airs Thursday at noon on KVMR FM PST.


Update Money Matters July 12, 2012

Marc’s notes:

Hi kids. Just returned from vacation and finished up little league and the markets still look rather bi polar, unable to decide which way to go. With Euro problems still haunting us and markets looking rather anemic, the FEDS are gearing up for more stimuli I think.